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What you can expect from private sessions?

  • EFT often provides fast results, even with the old problems. Sometimes we do get one minute wonders, but do not expect that it will happen. Anyway it is faster at least two to three times than most other traditional practices. Number of sessions depends on the issue that we are dealing with. Eg, self image is a broad umbrella that can have a lot of aspects that need to be addressed and it can take number of sessions. Eliminating fears and phobias usually takes 1-3 sessions.

  • You will learn how to help yourself to a certain point, although the role of EFT Expert is important even if you are trained in EFT.

  • You will be empowered by knowing that you have control.

  • Completely Safe and Natural

  • Compatible with any other therapy

  • Often works when nothing else has

  • Sessions are one hour or longer, depending on client's needs

  • Phone and internet sessions are most common choice of my clients considering that the client base is nationwide and worldwide

  • Coaching and other techniques and approaches are incorporated depending on client's need.



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