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EFT - a missing link to health, happiness and success

Learn how to:

Remove limitations,
Extend boundaries,
true potential

For yourself, or others.

Enjoy life again!

Your trainer is the first hand example that it is all possible about Jasmina.

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Foundational Level (used to be Level 1) – suits
those that are interested in self-help and anyone who wants to continue further EFT
learning with the solid foundations.

In this two-day workshop you will learn the essentials of EFT.
You will get practical self-help tools that will assist you in overcoming emotional and
physical problems, pain, troublesome memories, you will learn the system to work
through your past burden and free yourself up

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Intermediate Level (used to be Level 2) suits those
that are interested in advanced self-help, or are intending to learn further towards
practitioner certificate.

This two-day workshop will take your learnt EFT skills to the next level. It will provide
advanced understanding and application of the EFT techniques, and introduce new
techniques. Level two is recommended for more effective selfhelp, but also gives first
tools for working with others.

Number of previous attendees comment that level one and level two should go together
as a learning package, even when it is for selfhelp. EFT can complement any already
existing practice and improve your and your clients’ results. Third day of Level 2 is
required in order to start the certification process and working with others.

EFT Intermediate Level - third day for future Practitioners
By attending it, you qualify to set the exam for Intermediate Level - Level 2 Practitioner Certification, which is a starting certification for a practitioner who plans to use EFT techniques on others.

Approved EFT level one and two are prerequisites.

EFT Level 3 (whole year program) available for professionals.
Includes 2 days workshop and one year mentoring program following with another 2
days workshop at the end of the year. It is organized on demand. Contact me to discuss
your requirements.

"Progresive EFT Group Tapping" - one day of transformational work
Different approaches of a group work will allow participants to resolve number of own
and at the same time observe practical and professional application first hand.
Many will leave number of their fears, pains, unpleasant memories and sabotaging beliefs
behind for good.
Great opportunity for releasing some of your baggage and for practitioner to see various unexpected situations.
Have a look at the Photos of Energy Field Changes from the group tapping day.

Our mind creates our reality. How much do we pay attention tomental and emotional hygiene? Take this unique opportunity and attend the whole day EFT group session. Join our small group for a powerful transformation.

Meta-Health Introduction – 2 days interactive seminar.

This 2 day education is a mind opener for those for those working in conventional or alternative health care, for health enthusiasts, for anyone who wants to understand why my, and why now?

EFT practitioners will get much better understanding what their clients are going through.

META-Health further studies will be discussed with attendees.

Meta-Health Practitioner training

Learn scientifically based approach to health that provides understanding of mind body connection. Education suits all health practitioners, mainstream and alternative. Health enthusiasts are also welcome. For more information send an enquiry to: JasminaKovacev@gmail.com

Mentoring sessions
EFT mentoring and supervision available.
All EFT professional organizations are asking for  number of hours of mentoring and supervision. If you are interested for my input, feel free to contact me at efthelp@gmail.com.

Individual sessions
Sessions are available over the phone or Skype nationally and internationally.

The point of difference in my sessions is the thinking platform of 30 different modalities and techniques (from Scientific to Metaphysic), where EFT is the main delivery tool.

Your trainer

Jasmina Kovacev - BSc, EFT Expert
EFT Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer by AAMET
META-Health Master Trainer
Personal Performance and Wellness Coach
+64 4 565 3888


Other available trainings

- Free group talks tailored to your needs. It can be general EFT introduction
or combined with particular aspect that you are interested in. You can host it for
your clients, workplace, club. Call us on 64 4 565 3888 to make a booking in
Wellington wider area. National and international talks can be organized in the
form of conference calls. Let me know if you have a group that is interested.

- "Improve your business from today" – two days workshop for MLM
distributors, direct sales and self employed. Come and leave some of your
baggage that is in the way to your success.

- "Get better sales results than ever before" - two days workshop.

- "Holistic Approach to Health" – two days workshop.

- "Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitude in overcoming cancer are the
key to selfhealing"
(min. two days transformational workshop).

- "Emotional and mental healing retreat for cancer affected" - a must retreat for those affected with cancer. Read more www.eft-emofree.com/cancer-retreat.html

- “Be the best carer you can be and still have own emotional peace” for care
providers (one day seminar).

- “Help your child to become confident and happy adult” (EFT and conscious
– 2 days workshop. Great workshop for parents, anyone involved
with children and for anyone who was once a child. If you want a workshop for a group of people, please contact me for the arrangement.

And other tailored made trainings for groups and organizations.

All workshops are available nationally and internationally. If you want to organize group of people for the workshop, let me know and we can explore it further.

For people interested to master skills of EFT to the professional level, or want a
supervision or one on one mentoring, please send your details to efthelp@gmail.com

If you want to be on my mailing list and receive regular updates on coming workshops and talks, including some tips, please fill in the form at the home page.



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