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Fear of hospital, fear of needles, traumas, cancer

"This year, prior to working with Jasmina, I was diagnosed with cancer and have used my sessions with Jasmina to work through all the feelings that have come out of this, helping me to manage side effects of treatments and other traumas and beliefs that I have carried with me throughout 30 plus years.  EFT has been particularly helpful for me in freeing myself of past traumas associated with many surgeries in my childhood.  These hospital and surgery experiences were virtually impossible to get out of my system and affected me in all my relationships.
I also was terrified to go back into hospital and have the operation that I needed.  With EFT, I found that I could neutralise these experiences and I was very relaxed going into hospital for my surgery. Now, when I look back at what happened in my past, events seem just as events, and there are no feelings attached.  For the first time, I have seen the possibility of a life free of past issues and sparks of excitement of a future life full of possibilities and joy. I feel very hopeful of managing my cancer as best as I can and also going on to live a life full of fun and joy."  by A.F.

Fear of dental experiences

“After a number of highly anxious Dental experiences from my childhood including have 6 teeth pulled it was a terribly anxious experience for me to go the Dentist let alone have any work done on my teeth. This resulted in my needing to be sedated with Hypnoval for every dental visit which affected how I functioned for a couple of days as well as needing someone to be there to pick me up and drive me home. 

It was with great delight that after having an EFT session with Jasmina Kovacev I have now had three trips to the Dentist for fillings and can report the anxiousness has GONE and I no longer dread a trip to the Dentist. 

I can whole heartedly recommend Jasmina Kovacev as an excellent EFT practitioner.” H.T.

Fear of driving after the accident

This is the comment after only one session. We will work more on related issues.

“I am amazed with the intensity of the session and what was happening. It was great to experience consistent supply of focused attention and energy. I was calm driving home even in dark. It is much easier now to be in the traffic.” M.- L. H 

Phobia of water and heights

“I had a phobia of water and now I can’t wait to go swimming. I also had a fear of heights and once again it is not there any more.” 8 years old boy N.K. 

Fear of water

“I was afraid to enter water but after one session with Jasmina I could go to a public pool and float with a float-board for the first time in almost 30 years, unlike the month before when on holiday in Northland when water reaching my ankles caused stress.

An incredible, uplifting result.” E.C.

Fear of dyeing and chronic sore throat and itchy ears

“After 6 months of having a sore throat and itchy ears and a few visits to doctor who gave me some medication, I still got nowhere. My fear of dyeing from cancer was growing daily. After one session and 2 follow-ups the fear was completely gone, including the sore throat and itchiness in my ears. We found the main reason that contributed to all of my mentioned problems. It is unbelievable how our mind can link things together and play up.” J.R.

Fear of computers

Edith and computers did not mix, she disliked everything about using them. After a session using EFT with Jasmina Edith was able to sit down and be comfortable enough to want to learn how to use one.- Colin (husband)

Fear of public speaking

“I want to thank you for the great progress we achieved in working on my fear of public speaking, EFT has really helped in so many ways beyond my immediate phobia and in large part enabled me to realise that I have an underlying disability which I had always attributed to my fear of public speaking.  So while I can't say that I am all fixed, I am so much further along the road than I would have been had I not stumbled across EFT and your amazing help.” S.P.




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