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 Grief and business success

“I had 2 sessions with Jasmina because I know I had emotional blocks connected with grief.
I experienced Jasmina working with me with great dignity and respect for my
During each session I was able to release my emotional charge and connect with the underlying layers and issues surrounding my grief blockage.
Soon afterwards I felt lighter and regained a lot of  energy.
Over the next 3 months I was able to put this extra energy in a focused way and my business grew over 80%  in 1 month.
I feel very grateful that I surrendered to the process and to working with Jasmina because now my life has changed so very much for the better and I feel much more grounded and connected with myself and others.
Thank you so much Jasmina- you have helped me make a big difference with how I feel and fast!!” by S. D.

Feeling stuck 

Finding husband that committed suicide made a huge impact on C.M. After clearing that trauma here is her feedback how it reflects on her life now.

“I feel a huge difference in my confidence in my everyday life. It is a complete turnaround. I have now power to go and do things that I was not comfortable doing for long time.”  C.M.


Traumatic events - rape and murder

Traumatic evens can bring us learning and beliefs that are sabotaging us for the whole life unless we do something about it.

“Jasmina has worked with me over several sessions to clear two separate traumatic childhood events - a rape and a murder.  From both events I created destructive personal beliefs, and I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to heal or escape from them.  Within a few sessions using EFT with Jasmina, I have been able to reframe these two events and they no longer have an effect on my daily activities and beliefs.  No longer am I shackled to my past.  For the first time in my life I am free to be who I really am.  I now have a sense of direction, freedom and adventure about my life that I have never had before. And it's so exciting!  Thank you Jasmina." – G. A.W.


Various issues over period of time

“I am now willing to see my own beauty. After being in pain for majority of my life I am now pain free”  E. C.


Want to unravel past patterns, grief, sexual abuse, weight loss

“I have now freedom from old ideas and patterns to be able to create new pathways in life. I have more energy, clearer mind as opposed to clutter, more energy to be creative in life. Interpersonal relationship with my work friends and my family, particularly daughter is much better.

I am losing weight without trying. It is all together an amazing transformation.” L.P.


Health and emotional issues

“I feel confident to be me again, to listen to myself and accept myself. I am happier with my new found happiness in such short time. My stomach is working much better now.” R.G.


Emotional baggage, fears related to mum

“I feel good, happy and empowered. I feel that dark old fashioned baggage is behind me. I do not need to have it. Victorian stuff can stay in Victorian age.” S. N.

Smoking, life long anger, beliefs around money

“I have significant reduction of urge to smoke after 4 sessions. In that time we also changed a lot of my beliefs around money and achieved great reduction of anger. I am safely touching parts of me that were not accessible through many attempts and modalities. I feel clean and clear.” D.S.

Headache and various emotions

Client had extremely strong headache. It opened the door for many emotions to come out over few sessions. Here is her comment of the experience:

“Through our sessions I managed to confront difficult emotions and work through them. It also helped me to release pain that is associated to certain emotions as well as forgive others. It also helped abolish physical symptoms caused by bottling things up and ignoring my issues”D.G.

Life long anger and self image issues

“I feel hopeful and confident, exited of possibility of change. It is going to be my best year. I managed to let go a lot of anger, hatred and limiting beliefs.” J.M. 

Relationship issues and sleeping problems

“Jasmina is a warm and insightful person. Because of her non-judgmental and genuine way, I felt safe to be open with her and each session made more progress through long standing fears and issues than I could have dreamed was possible. I am sleeping better than I ever have in my adult life.” C.K.



 People with addictions have deep emotional hurts that they sooth with addictive substance or addictive behavior. Resolving those hurts allows us to detach from the addiction.

“I am more in touch with my own reality because of all work with the deeper issues. I feel my body differently, I am more aware of things. There was a lot of subtle deep shifts. Intensity of many emotions are completely gone and cleared. The best part of it is that those emotional changes are permanent. When I think about previous issues that had high emotional intensity, I am completely calm and relaxed.” G.H.


Emotional pain from childhood

 “ I am now able to stand up for myself in my own power and be more assertive. I now love and accept myself for who I am, instead of wanting to be someone else.” E. H.


Not coping with children

 “I feel that I am in control now, there is a feeling of hope and piece within me.” K.B.


Memory recall and various emotional issues

 Client was very concerned with her memory recall. With a new job role coming up, she did not feel that she can perform up to the required standard.

“ I feel like a burden was taken off, I feel lighter and happier. After working on different events that were pulling me down, I can think back to them and laugh.”

After a month from the last session, H. G. says: “Memory recall is not an issue any more” H.G.

Relationship problems, lack of confidence in communication, sore shoulders, back tension

 “I now have more confidence in what I want to do. I am also having more faith in myself to adhere what I was always afraid to tell myself. My relationship with my family is much better and I am able to enjoy it.”

After 3 sessions   P.G. reported that her shoulders are not sore anymore and that was previously an ongoing issue. The tension in her back is also gone.

Lack of confidence, “I can not do things”, discomfort in the group of friends

 “I have released myself from the emotional content of statements. I now have clarity of interconnection of my issues.” C.L.

A traumatic birth affected the client on a the very deep level. Her cranio osteopath noticed changes that allowed some issues to come to the surface for the first time.





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