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Various issues around business

"Our sessions made quite a difference for me. To sum it up, it helped me to grow. I have now more patience, less frustration; feel more solid, and experience much less resistance in everything I do in my business." Helen Mays, DisBin Ltd, Palmerston North

Various issues around business

“I have been fortunate to have Jasmina as my Personal Performance Coach and the difference her coaching has made to my life is incredible. I found Jasmina’s coaching to be unique as by the end of each session specific fears and beliefs had been dealt with and overcome. New areas of concern were brought to the next session and dealt with in a similar manner, and over a considerably short period of time it was clear that concerns of the past no longer exist. Should you be considering having a Personal Coach, I highly recommend that you contact Jasmina as I know she will work with you to get the results you desire to move on in your life.” Val, New Zealand

Issue – holding back from success in my business

“My initial fears were mainly around fear of being in the lime light, fear of being persecuted, and fear of being ridiculed. After first three sessions I could easily stop. I was happy with what we achieved and could not see at the time that more work would be required. I am glad that I trusted Jasmina's judgment and experience that there is more that can be achieved. My message is to trust that person can progress further. After further work we came to what fear of success means to me and getting to the core was profound. I am glad that I came right to the bottom of it in another 3 sessions. Fear of being loved was the final core issue that we worked on. My commitment to experience success in my business and knowing that it is now coming to my life is  10 out of 10."   by S.B. 

Grief and business success

 “I had 2 sessions with Jasmina because I know I had emotional blocks connected with grief. I experienced Jasmina working with me with great dignity and respect for myprocess.
During each session I was able to release my emotional charge and connect with the underlying layers and issues surrounding my grief blockage.
Soon afterwards I felt lighter and regained a lot of  energy. Over the next 3 months I was able to put this extra energy in a focused way and my business grew over 80%  in 1 month.
I feel very grateful that I surrendered to the process and to working with Jasmina because now my life has changed so very much for the better and I feel much more grounded and connected with myself and others.
Thank you so much Jasmina- you have helped me make a big difference with how I feel and fast!!” by S. D.

Limiting beliefs around business

Client had a belief that it is not safe to be the best due to some childhood experiences. Also he had belief that to be very successful, one has to walk over others – and that was learned belief.

“I have been able to work through a number of life issues that affect almost everything I do. I now feel that it is not a mystery anymore and I have much greater awareness of how my interpretation of past experiences has been influencing my current perception. Knowing this is a great relief and I already feel brighter future that is free from fears.” G.W.

Sales Performance

“Get better sales results than ever before”  training  helped me regain confidence in my sales skills and release anxiety associated with negative experiences. I got to the root of the problem and managed to release unwanted emotions that were preventing me from performing as well as I knew I could. D. G. 

Procrastination in business, fear that leads to anxiety and frustration

“I am surprised at how unresolved emotional issues were limiting my thinking and achievements. Even more remarkable is how EFT has helped me to overcome these issues.” P.N.


Business confidence issue and depression

“Changing the country of living and going from full security of employee position to self-employed brought up a lot of issues from the past. Many of them I would never think are relevant to what I was experiencing. I feel more at piece now, with better clarity of my direction. My focus is much stronger and confidence is quite good.” G.S.

Golf  Performance – Improvement that every golfer dreams about

Young student of The Golf Academy came to me wanting to work on her confidence in golf. Until last year her golf score was in the high 80’s.

After moving to boarding school her score went well over 90.

After having a day of two 18 hole rounds and scoring 92 and 96, she came to see me. During a couple of hours of work we managed to remove some doubts and fears.

The very next day she scored 83 and 84 in two 18 holes.

The day after that she scored 79 and 86. 

“I feel that these sessions have helped my golf dramatically. After just one session I shot my lowest score ever, something I feel I wouldn’t have achieved without that.” M.B.

Golf performance

With this golfer we marked 4 hits with 4 different clubs with scores 1-4 where 1 was very good and 4 was bad.. The same marking was done after our work with him. Here are results. 


1 very good

2 good

3 not so good

4 bad


4       5

4        4

3       5

5       2

  markings before our metal/emotional training

  markings after our mental/emotional training

1 (best score) improved by 20%

 2 did not change

 3 improved by  66%

 4 (worst) reduced by 60%

 His comment was: “General improvement in shooting direction is about 60% better after our work together. I do need now more work on my technical side”




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